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Lock Shot

Aim, Shoot, Unlock!

One Color!

Colorful Puzzle Fun!

Bloodshed Battle Royale

2D Battle Royale

Flip Fry Challenge

Flip, Fry, Stack

Alien Ambush

Shoot the aliens!

Collect Deflect

Collect Orbs, Deflect Bombs


Time Ago

How many days until...?

About Us

Our Story

The Beginning

Hello my name is Michael Sowerwine and I am the founder of Centrip Studios, LLC. I am a passionate and motivated game developer. My whole life I have been interested in and excited about technology. I became fascinated with video games at a young age and decided that I wanted to make video games when I was older. Mid-high school, I decided to start working on turning my dream into a reality. My games were mediocre in the beginning but I was having a blast making them. I have grown a ton since then and I am very proud of where my company is today and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

The Motivation

I stay motivated making video games because I am doing what I love to do. When I turn my ideas into code and watch my ideas come to life it is truely very exciting to me. I am so happy and thankful that I am able to not only make games as a hobby but also do it for a living. I also get very excited when I see people are playing my games and enjoying what I created. It is the best feeling.

The "Team"

Lead Game Designer - Michael Sowerwine Lead Programmer - Michael Sowerwine Lead Artist - Michael Sowerwine Lead Sound Effects - Michael Sowerwine Yep. I make games on my own for now.

The Goals

• Develop and release as many great games as possible. • Learn the industry and learn from my mistakes. • Create games that are better than my previous games. • Hire team members and expand the company. • Buy a designated building to become the first professional company studio.


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